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Education in Viljandi

Viljandi is has three middle schools and a special-ed school. High school education is given at Viljandi Upper Secondary School that is a modern state school. Viljandi also has a high school for adults.

Some of the best co-curricular schools in Estonia are located in Viljandi like our art school, music school, sports school and hobby school.

Just out of town in Vana-Võidu is Viljandi Vocational School that teaches many crafts and vocations.

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University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy

UT Viljandi Culture Academy teaches more than 700 students in four departments. The academy offers degrees in professional higher education as well as BA and MA level. The Academy is an important partner for the municipality for organizing events and welcoming visitors. Additionally many student events enrich Viljandi’s cultural scene throughout the year.

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