Life in Viljandi is waiting for you!

Viljandi is a big city…

If not for its population or hight of its buildings, but for the creativity, entrepreneurial spirit and achievements of its people. We think big and everything we do has to be done in the best possible way – this includes our summer festivals, theatre performances, street parties, cafés and restaurants, but also high-tech packrobots, beds and IT solutions. And while doing all this our people support each other, keep their high spirits and good sense of humour.

Our people value a sense of community…

Together we take our children to school, open a pop-up café or organize a neighbourhood festival. Together we stand for the safety and development of our community.

Viljandi is a town of narrow streets, cosy wooden houses and cats who lazily tread the backyards. It is also a town of smart factories, new technologies and exporting businesses. Viljandi is a university town which receives a new generation of dreamers every Septembre.

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