Half an hour’s drive west of Viljandi, the landscape changes completely. You have arrived in Soomaa National Park, established in 1993 to protect pristine bogs, species-rich flood meadows, wooded meadows and forests. Its diverse and well-preserved nature, its unique culture of cable bridges and dugout boats have made it a popular destination all over the world, both for the nature-loving adventurer and the simple Sunday hiker.

Many have heard of the fifth season, but lots of exciting things can also be done in Soomaa outside the high-water season. A hike in the middle of unspoilt nature is like a summer pilgrimage for every Estonian, and our guests are welcome to take part.

The best way to get to know Soomaa is, of course, by boat or canoe. In winter, you can enjoy nature on snowshoes or on a kicksled. Soomaa offers several hiking trails with boardwalks, so it is also worth doing a combination of driving and walking. After a long or short bog hike or canoe trip, you can refresh your body and mind in a sauna and relax your ears, surrounded by sounds no man has helped to create.

You can find instructions for getting around in Soomaa here.

Hüpassaare bog. Photographer: Martin Kosseson