Mulgimaa is a cultural region in Southern Estonia that captivates the senses with its unique nature and heritage from the past, as well as the exciting events and dynamic people of today. The region is known as the place where the first rich Estonian farms emerged and as the birthplace of several cultural figures and statesmen of the early years of the Republic of Estonia.

It can be said that today, a total renaissance of the Mulgi culture is taking place. People are rediscovering their roots, moving back to their ancestral homes, and through the cooperation of active locals, active communities have been started. In summer, you can discover the region with the help of Mulgimaa Peremäng (Mulgimaa Family Game).

Today, Mulgimaa covers three rural municipalities – Viljandi, Mulgi and Tõrva – and is located in two counties, Viljandi County and Valga County.

Here you can find some recommendations on what to see in Mulgimaa. The map will help you.

See you in Mulgimaa!

Karksi Church of St. Peter. Photographer: Kristiin Elmat