Become a local

Starting a family?

Viljandi is an ideal place for raising children! We see more and more people moving back to Viljandi after starting their family. There are even those who have spent their entire life in a big city and are looking for a safer environment to raise their children.

Viljandi has lots of opportunities for finding work and our export oriented businesses are growing every year.

We support our young families with 200 euros on every child’s birth and 100 euros on their going to school. Nursery places are easy to find and kindergartens have a surplus of places available. Large families have many additional entitlements.

Alongside top schools Viljandi has some of the best co-curricular schools in the country. Children from large families can attend their activity of choice for free. Support is guaranteed for children from low-income families through university grants program.

Every year Viljandi pays out 28 000 euros in stipends to our top students, artists and athletes. 

Finished school and looking for work?

Viljandi is a great place to start your working life because there is a strong competition for best employees among businesses and well educated specialists are always in demand.

In recent years more and more rental properties with good value have reached the market. These properties are ideal for young people who are just starting their independent life and do not want to settle down with a mortgage. Because Viljandi is a university town, there are always lots of young people around. This means that a university graduate will never miss his or her peers while in Viljandi. More information on working opportunities HERE.

Want to start your own business?

Viljandi has created the best environment for starting one’s own business. Viljandi County Development Centre offers a variety of free consultations for starting a business and getting investment. Viljandi also has a creative industry incubator and a dedicated youth entrepreneurship program StartUp Viljandi. Find more information on creating your own business HERE.

Want to spend your retirement in peace and quiet but close to culture?

You have finished your life’s work and want to settle down for a long deserved retirement. Come away from the noise and bustle of a big city to the small and cosy Viljandi. We have an abundance of culture and life getting on with just the right pace as not to disturb one’s easy going. At the same time there is plenty of culture – you can go to theatre or cinema, stop by a nice café or start a new hobby.

Selling an apartment in a big city buys you a house in Viljandi that will fit all the grandchildren.