Lake Võrtsjärv, Estonia’s largest internal water body, is the size of a sea for the people living around it. Its surface area is larger than all other Estonian lakes put together. The lake is surrounded by a historically developed coastal culture, which has been making a comeback in the minds of the people in recent years.

The lake is surrounded by fishing villages and farms. You can go fishing on the lake with the locals, and later prepare delicious meals from the catch. There are also sailing courses on the lake, which is a good way to get your first taste of the sport. The catches of Võrtsjärv fishermen are highly prized by local chefs. Local fish can be found in the restaurants and fish cafés dotting the shores of the lake, as well as in the restaurants of Viljandi.

The main fish caught in Lake Võrtsjärv are eel, pikeperch, bream, and pike.

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Lake Võrtsjärv. Photographer: Kris Süld