Historic Sakalamaa –, the home of Lembitu, the leader of ancient Estonians – is located in the northern part of Viljandi County. Today you can visit Lõhavere, the site of Lembitu Hill-Fort.

Suure-Jaani is one of the most important places for Estonian culture. It is the birthplace of the Kapp family of composers, whose house museum can be visited in the town. On the edge of Soomaa is the house museum of composer Mart Saar, which continues to inspire artists today. Suure-Jaani cemetery is the final resting place of Johann Köler, one of the greatest painters in Estonian history.

The most popular attraction of modern Suure-Jaani is one of the nicest water parks in the region, which the locals also call the Health House (Tervisekoda). Its water attractions, pools and saunas offer fun for the entire family.

Sakalamaa is home to Olustvere Manor, the best-preserved manor complex in Estonia. Besides the elegant main house, many old auxiliary buildings have been preserved and renovated, and are used today as workshops.

View the route and the map so that you could also find the Pilistvere Memorial and the Võhma Candle Factory.

Lõhavere Hill. Photographer: Siim Verner Teder