Wilderness Night-Trip

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Monday: closed
Tuesday: 18:00-00:00
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Thursday: 18:00-00:00
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Sunday: 18:00-00:00


Adult: alates 80 €
Child: alates 40 €
Täpne hind selgub teenuseosutajaga konsulteerimisel.
The best way to make the most of the white nights of summer is to go hiking! Canoeing is an exotic way of spending warm summer nights. Things look different in the dark, and sometimes we can't see everything, but only hear it - or imagine it! The hikes are led by experienced local guides, starting out with a bog hike to Kuresoo bog (2 hours), followed by canoeing (3 hours) which takes us to beaver habitat on the northern border of the national park where the Raudna River flows. The language of the trip is English. Transfers from Pärnu are also available for an extra fee.




  • Free parking
  • Drop Toilet