Visit to Võhma candle factory

Kauba tänav 3A, 70602 Võhma Viljandi maakond, Estonia Phone: +372 437 7075 Mobile: +372 534 93771 E-mail:

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Adult: alates 4 €
At Võhma Valgusevabrik, we demonstrate how we make candles at our production facilities. During the tour, each guest can make a candle by themself. In addition to useful advice ranging from making candles to taking care of them, we are also going to visit a studio where you can see how candles are decorated and handmade greeting cards are made. The factory is home to the Kihvt Galerii shop where you can buy candles and souvenirs at factory prices. In our courtyard, we also have a playground for children and a mini zoo. For smaller groups, ask for an offer!