Sinialliku hiking trail

Sinialliku küla, 71105 Viljandi vald Viljandi maakond, Estonia Phone: +372 435 7164 E-mail:

Times and prices

24 hours
Avatud: 24 hours
Sinialliku hiking trail runs along the shores of the lovely Sinialliku Lake and takes the hikers to mystical springs; the water of the springs gets its blue hue from the bluish-gray sediments at the bottom. The spring of Siniallikas is known as a sacrificial spring with water that has healing properties. Nearby, those interested can climb the site of an early settlement where an ancient Estonian fortress used to stand during the 12th and 13th century. You can start the hike from the old Sinialliku Railway Station or from Karksi-Nuia–Viljandi road. There is a large campfire area by the hiking trail – a convenient place to camp even for a larger group.



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