Seine fishing on the Emajõgi River with a guide from Öökulli Kalamaja

Kalbuse küla, 69737 Viljandi vald Viljandi maakond, Estonia
We are located in Viljandi County, in Kalbuse village near the Mustla small town. When coming from Tartu to the small town of Mustla, you will reach Tarvastu kindergarten, from where you will have to choose the roundabout exit towards Valma/Väluste. When coming from Viljandi, drive through the small town of Mustla until you reach a roundabout from where you will have to choose the second exit towards Valma/Väluste. Drive 6 km to the Kalbuse bus stop and then turn right. Drive straight until you reach the mailboxes, turn left, and drive 1.2 km until you see our Öökulli Kalamaja.
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Times and prices

Advance bookings only
Avatud: advance bookings only


Adult: alates 35 €
Öökulli Kalamaja offers groups of friends, families, or groups the opportunity to participate in seine fishing. A fun and social event that lasts all day. What matters is being in a good mood and willing to get wet. The fishing takes place in water up to the chest. Instructors are on site to provide advice. We will end the evening with a delicious smoked fish and a refreshing sauna at Öökulli Kalamaja. The price includes transport to the fishing area, fishing instructors, sauna, and fresh smoked fish.



  • Free parking
  • Toilet
  • Recreation area/picnic ground
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Suitable for children