Mensenkampff chapel

Tarvastu küla, 69715 Viljandi vald Viljandi maakond, Estonia Mobile: +372 566 82230 E-mail:

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Situated close to the Tarvastu Order Stronghold is a chapel constructed in the early 19th century in Classicist style. What makes the building unique is its high, pyramid-like roof and porticos on all four sides resting on pairs of columns. Did you know that... - The mausoleum was ordered to be built by the local lady of the manor in memory of her husband. - In order to provide better access to the chapel, a suspension bridge was constructed across the river valley in 1878. This bridge was later gifted to the City of Viljandi and is currently in use in the centre of the city in the hilly area close to the castle ruins. The chapel can be marveled at from the outside only.



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