Fossil making workshop in Soomaa

Tipu küla, 71211 Põhja-Sakala vald Viljandi maakond, Estonia
The Tipu Nature School is located by Kõpu–Jõesuu highway opposite the Tipu bus stop. Road signs also lead to the nature school. Go to the old red Tipu schoolhouse on the side of the road, which is located in the yard of the nature school.
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Times and prices

Advance bookings only
Avatud: advance bookings only


Adult: alates 12 €
Child: alates 12 €
Täpne hind selgub teenuseosutajaga konsulteerimisel.
In this workshop, you can cast a plaster imprint of objects found in nature. The resulting images look just like real fossils. The finished items are 7–8 cm in diameter and can also be hung on the wall. Making a fossil always offers a pleasant surprise, because the appearance of the work becomes clear only later. The workshop is well suited for children (ages 6+), families with children, as well as anyone who is interested in fossils. The workshop takes place in Tipu Nature School in Soomaa, but can also be organised in another place suitable for the group, if desired.



  • Free parking
  • Toilet
  • Suitable for children