You have an idea?

Viljandi has excellent support system for startups and established businesses through Viljandi County Development Centre. They help you analyse your idea, business plan, marketing, export and financial plan. The centre also helps to find funding, including through govenrment agencies and the EU.

Viljandi Creative Industry Center offers a wide range of machinery that starting businesses can use along with experienced mentors in product development, production environment, training and individual consultations.


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Already have a business?

Viljandi County Development Centre's existing business' development consultations aim at creating a working development plan for a business and helping it achieve its set goals. Development consultations help a business reach its full potential. The consultations have no time limit.

The minimum goal of the program is to ensure the business offers at least two additional jobs on mean income compared to the time before the consultations.

In Viljandi Creative Industry Centre an existing business can rent machinery and get technological support for prototyping and sampling its products.

The centre's incubation programmes have a proven grants and project support system. 


Share your idea!