Seikle Vabaks takes you on an exploration trip to Soomaa National Park! We will hike on foot or using bogshoes, a canoe or a kayak!

Throughout the year, we can take you on an exploration trip of the beautiful sites in Soomaa National Park, as well as share fascinating stories of local life!

When hiking with us, you will receive:

* quality tour guide services
* a filling outdoor meal
* if possible, we will visit the Nature Centre of the Soomaa National Park
* we will hike along a boardwalk
* we will climb a watchtower in order to admire the view of the swamp
* we will try bogshoeing in the bog
* we will enjoy a short water trip on a kayak or a canoe

The hike lasts about 5 hours; minimum size of the group is 2 people.
We also offer transfer from Pärnu to Soomaa for up to 6 people; price is 5 euros per person!
The price of the hike is valid for a group of at least 6 people; if you have a smaller group, the price is arranged separately!

Times and prices

Advance bookings only: 01.04 — 01.11

Adult 75 €

Features and amenities

  • Maximum number of participants: 20
  • English
  • Estonian
  • Soomaa
  • Duration (hours): 5
  • Signposted
  • By car
  • Viewing platform
  • Recreation area/picnic ground
  • Drop Toilet
  • WC
  • Meals
  • Card payment