Karuskose smoke sauna in Soomaa

The historical Karuskose smoke sauna is located at the heart of Soomaa National Park by the River Raudna that is surrounded by bogs and forests. This smoke sauna has an extraordinary location – it is right on a water meadow by an ancient oak, and it has witnessed large floods and a fire. Nevertheless, this is probably one of the most mysterious and the most photographed saunas in Estonia.

It takes 3 hours to heat it in the summer and 4-5 hours in the winter; therefore, it would be good to let us know that you are coming at least a day in advance. The sauna seat has enough room for six people. During the warmer seasons, there is an outdoor shower overlooking the meadow next to the sauna.

The rental for the smoke sauna is €90 which goes towards replacing the lower logs of the sauna.