17 – Karksi-Nuia – Rûjiena bicycle route

Karksi-Nuia (0 km) – Lilli (14 km) – Rujiena (32 km – this is in Latvia)This route is a rather short connection between Karksi-Nuia and Rujiena (Ruhja) in Latvia. On the section in Estonia you will be travelling along a particularly beautiful winding and hilly paved road with a number of charming farms along the way. This route is also worth taking as a short trip on your day off. This was also the route of the famous Baltic Way – the peaceful political demonstration of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania on 23 August 1989, where some 2 million people displayed unity in their pursuit of freedom with a human chain nearly 600 kilometres long. A small memorial along the route commemorates this event.
The memorial is 17 kilometres away from the Latvian border, and that section of the route is also marked with signs. The starting point of this route can be reached via Route 5 or Route 14.

Viljandi linn, Viljandi maakond, 71003, Eesti

Times and prices

Avatud: 24 hours

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  • Green Traveller
  • Distance: 32
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