Undeveloped municipal land

Roheline tänav 3 8262m² commercial & industrial
Ravila tänav 26 3575m² commercial & industrial
Musta tee 24 5123m² commercial & industrial
Musta tee 22a 12 434m² commercial & industrial
Riia mnt 68 34 044m² industrial
Reinu tee 5 2011m² residential


Housed municipal properties up for development

Linnu tänav 4 // 4a 1654m² public services land
Hariduse tänav 7 3517m² residential

More information: visit@viljandi.ee


Viljandi has three industrial areas: Männimäe, Kantremaa and Roheline street. All these areas have central heating, water and sewage, electricity, gas and organized garbage disposal. In addition Männimäe industrial area has railroad connection.