For the people living around Lake Võrtsjärv, the body of water is as big as the sea. Lake Võrtsjärv is Estonia’s largest inland body of water (not including Lake Peipus), the surface area of which is greater than all of the other lakes in Estonia combined. Surrounding Lake Võrtsjärv is its historic coastal culture, which has been making its way back into people’s consciousness over the past few years. Only a few kilometres from Viljandi is the opportunity to board a kaleship and journey all the way to Tartu or Lake Peipus. Coastal fishermen catch perch pike, bream, and pike from Lake Võrtsjärv, which reach the dinner tables of the surrounding area.

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Mulgi majakas

Mensenkampff chapel

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Tarvastu Museum

Tarvastu Order Stronghold ruins

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Kärstna manor
The Anrep memorial on Kärstna Kabelimägi (the Chapel Hill)