6 reasons to visit Viljandi County:

  • OLUSTVERE – the most perfectly preserved manor complex in Estonia with various studios and workshops offering activities for visitors of any age.
  • VILJANDI – a beautiful small town by Lake Viljandi in a spacious valley. The special cultural atmosphere and quiet, romantic streets are accentuated by huge red concrete strawberries. Time changes its meaning here.
  • VILJANDI FOLK MUSIC FESTIVAL – a folk music event of global fame.
  • SOOMAA NATIONAL PARK – a place where floods are not regarded as a national catastrophe but as „the fifth season“ - an ancient rhythm of the nature resulting in a special culture featuring dugout canoes and bridges.
  • LAKE VÕRTSJÄRV – the largest domestic body of water in Estonia which offers visitors both sights of natural beauty and fun activities.
  • THE MULGI REGION – a historic flax cultivation area which is to this day known for its authentic Mulgi dialect, the traditional black Mulgi longcoat and a special food culture.



Katkuhaud 09. August 2020 kell 17:00
Eesti MV jalgpallis II liiga Viljandi JK Tulevik U21 vs. Eesti U15 11. August 2020 kell 17:00


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XXV Järvejooksu ja XV kepikõnni sari

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14. August 2020 kell 17:00


14. August 2020 kell 19:00

Paul Neitsov Bohemian Rhapsody

14. August 2020 kell 20:00

Paul Neitsov "Bohemian Rhapsody"

14. August 2020 kell 20:00
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