Soomaa is worth visiting in every season.
Soomaa National Park was founded in 1993 for the protection of untouched bogs, flood meadows with rich plant and animal life, wooded meadows and forests. The varied nature of Soomaa, its unique culture featuring suspension bridges and dugout canoes and its five seasons have made the area popular among nature-loving travellers as well as weekend visitors.

Instructions for moving about can be found here.

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Hausmuseum der Komponisten Kapp

Kõpu Peetri kirik

Gutshof Lahmuse

Wassermühle von Lahmuse

Paul Kondase portreebüst Suure-Jaanis

Die Johanniskirche in Suure-Jaani (dt...

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Ev.-luth. Petrikirche zu Kõpu (dt. Köppo)
Hausmuseum des Komponisten Mart Saar