How to get here?

Buses between Viljandi - Tallinn run from 6am to 7pm. Ticket prices range from 7€ to 10€.

Buses between Viljandi - Tartu run from 6.25am to 8.25pm. Tickets cost 5€ on average.

Buses between Viljandi - Pärnu run from 6.55am to 6.40pm. Tickets cost 5€ on average.

Full schedules and ticket information cand be founf HERE


Trains run between Tallinn and Viljandi 6 times a day, seven days a week. Buses run between Viljandi train station and town centre, they leave the station shortly after the train arrives. Bus ticket to town centre costs 1€. Taxi from train station costs a minimum 4€.

Train scedules and tickets can be found HERE


Bus transport is free of charge in Viljandi and surrounding county. Just ask the bus driver for a free ticket in any of the blue and yellow coloured buses.