Meet our community

Arno Kütt

Arno Kütt is an entrepreneur who has built a company that produces high-tech packrobots. In 2017 the CEO of Cleveron Ltd. won the prize for Estonian best entreprenur of the year. He also values his community and makes sure his employees work in the best possible conditions. Arno is a great example that in order to do great things, one does not have to leave a small town like Viljandi.


Kadri ja Villem Varik

Villem is the manager of Viljandi Creative Industry Center and owner of winebar Mulks. Kadri is the headmaster of Viljandi Art School. They also have a star dog Volli.


Paavo Matsin

Paavo is the author of a cult-novel «The Gogol Disco» that takes place in futuristic Viljandi. He received the prize of Eesti Kultuurkapital for best fictional novel and the European Prize for Literature in 2016.