Sakala County

Sakala County conditionally refers to the northern portion of Viljandi County, and it is from here that the first Estonian hails, known to history by the name of Lembitu, King of Sakala County. If you ever happen to find yourself in Lõhavere, you can visit the site of the stronghold of the ancient Estonians.
Important tourist attractions here include one of Estonia’s best preserved manor complexes – Olustvere Manor, and the town that loves music – Suure-Jaani.

To ensure that you also find the Pilistvere Memorial and the Võhma Candle Factory, check out the route and map here.

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Kangastelgedel kudumine Olustvere mõisas

Keramik- und Glasstube in Olustvere

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Gutshof Lahmuse

Wassermühle von Lahmuse

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Hausmuseum der Komponisten Kapp